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UBS Cash Back Promotion

What better way to dive into the Sage UBS ecosystem than to start with a cash back promotion? Offer lasts till 30th March

UBS Accounting

RM 188
Cash Back

UBS Inventory

RM 288
Cash Back


RM 588
Cash Back

Sage Cover Rewal Promotion

Used UBS in the past? Welcome back. Renew your Sage Cover at a discounted price.

All salmons eventually return to freshwater, hence we’re offering a Sage Cover renewal for all customers. What is Sage Cover? Sage Cover is made for software assurance and also for renewing your software license upgrade. With Sage Cover, you can be assured that your software is always running at top form and your businesses running at top speed. If you have an expired Sage Cover, we’re offering huge discounts so that you can get back on track and stay updated with the latest releases!

  •  For customers whose Sage Cover expired in 2017, please refer to table 1.
  • For customers whose Sage Cover expired in 2016, please refer to table 2.
  • For customers whose Sage Cover expired before 2016, please refer to table 3.


Sage Cover Expired in 2017

Product No.ProductRenewal Price (RM)Concurrent Renewal Price (RM)
1UBSone Payroll P15150.0080.00
2UBSnine Payroll P30250.0080.00
3UBSnine Payroll P60450.0080.00
4UBSnine Payroll P100550.0080.00
5UBSnine Payroll P150600.0080.00
6UBSnine Payroll Prem650.0080.00
7UBSnine Accounting+Billing400.0080.00
8UBSnine Inventory+Billing 400.0080.00
9UBSone Accounting+Billing200.0080.00


Sage Cover Expired in 2016

Product No.ProductOriginal Price (RM)Renewal Price(RM)
10UBSone Payroll P15500.00250.00
11UBSnine Payroll P301,000.00500.00
12UBSnine Payroll P601,500.00750.00
13UBSnine Payroll P1002,000.001,000.00
14UBSnine Payroll P1502,500.001,250.00
15UBSnine Payroll Prem3,000.001,500.00
16UBSnine Accounting+Billing1,650.00825.00
17UBSnine Inventory+Billing1,850.00925.00
18UBSone Accounting+Billing800.00400.00


Sage Cover Expired Before 2016

Product No.ProductOriginal Price (RM)Renewal Price (RM)
19UBSone Payroll P15500.00375.00
20UBSnine Payroll P301,000.00750.00
21UBSnine Payroll P601,500.001,125.00
22UBSnine Payroll P1002,000.001,500.00
23UBSnine Payroll P1502,500.001,875.00
24UBSnine Payroll Prem3,000.002,250.00
25UBSnine Accounting+Billing1,650.001,237.50
26UBSnine Inventory+Billing1,850.001,387.50
27UBSone Accounting+Billing800.00600.00
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