About Us

PremEthics has been partnering closely with UBS in software solutions since ‘90s as one of the pioneers with 2 decades experience in software consultation, service and support.

Our core business is mainly focused on servicing Sage UBS users and also support market space that’s not being well served, as to ensure a satisfactory delivery and yet with digital advancements.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced consultants to serve you to achieve more simplified and accessible end result.

Vision & Mission

PremEthics is committed as a ‘Premier Ethical’ solution provider that provides the best value consultation with core competency to introduce high effective business environment with international standard. PremEthics upgrades the quality of products and services consistently with the mission of increasing the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of our customers as a whole.

Key Philosophy to Our Success

PremEthics focuses on customers’ needs and values. We emphasize on creating high productivity working environment, with great cost saving in terms of time and money.

Our Values

Customer First

Best Value Consultation

Business Ethics

Respect for Individual

Strive for Excellence