How do you renew an expired Sage Cover with additional savings?

Upgrade your system to enjoy the new features

Yes, yes you can. We’re having a promotion that lets customers renew their Sage Cover. The Sage Cover is a software license that needs to be renewed annually. A Sage Cover is required when the software updates. Customers who have expired Sage Cover can renew them at a discounted price. For more information, click on the button below.

A Payroll System For the Masses

UBS has been well known for providing affordable payroll solutions for small and medium businesses throughout the years. Because of the advances in technology, repetitive and time-consuming tasks like calculating payroll can be automated.  Now, businesses with constricting budgets can now enjoy affordable payroll softwares. Here is a list of comprehensive features of the Sage UBS Payroll software.

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Information not showing correctly? Cannot login to the system? No worries. PremEthics has launched an Online FAQ Portal for all existing and future UBS customers. With this platform, customers no longer have to call in and wait to be serviced for a simple problem.
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