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Digital Marketing The deployment of internet marketing has greatly changed the way of getting sales and leads. It creates new rules of games, reshuffles sales cycle, new business model and new opportunity in internet era.

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Guide on How to use the UBS FAQ Portal

Upon examination on the current post-sales services for UBS products, we’ve noticed that there is a lack of follow up services among the top vendors, which is why we’ve taken the opportunity to develop an online FAQ portal for all existing and future UBS customers. In the past, we frequently received calls and tickets asking us to solve the most basic questions. As our customers grew, we’re finding it increasingly inoperable to provide instant answers to our customers. Thus, we’ve taken the opportunity to launch an online FAQ portal for UBS customers. Now, customers no longer have to call or wait in queue to have their problems solved. Click here to find our about the FAQ portal’s features or follow the steps below on how to use the portal.

Click on this link here to register an account. Please enter a valid email as you will need to it verify your account.

Login to the email which you have used for the registration. You’ll receive an email from with the title ‘Cohezon Membership Verification’. Click on the link provided in the email and you’re done.

Upon clicking on the link, you’ll be directed to a page to  complete your registration.

Enter your username and password. Then press submit.

Search for your problem and click enter. If you have questions relating to payroll, enter ‘Payroll’

The solution is attached to a document. Click ‘Download’ and you’re done.

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