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[New Feature] - Sage UBS GST Diagnostic Tool

The new GST Diagnostic Tool is now available in Sage UBS software. The tool is inbuilt and does not require you to import or export your files to third-party softwares. To get this tool, make sure you have an updated Sage Cover.

To help you make the most out of this new feature, we are conducting an Introduction to Sage GST Diagnostic Tool webinar. Please view our demo schedule below.

Webinar Details

26th March 201810:00 am to 11:00amWebinar link will be sent to your email  upon registration

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Free Upgrade of GST Diagnostic Tool

*only valid for customers with valid Sage Cover*

GST Audit Viewer is a program that analyzes GAF(GST Audit Files). The program supports:

  • Results comparison between GAF and TAP.
  • Analyze your Purchase records in any grouping.
  • One-click to find duplicate Purchase invoices.
  • & many more.

FREE GST diagnostic tool webinar

In this webinar, you will learn about how to utilize the new tool to audit your GST files.

We’ll email you the webinar link upon registration. If you did not receive our email by Friday(23rd March), please contact us.

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