Dedicated SageUBS FAQ For UBS Customers


Self Service

Gone are the days when customers have to call in to have theircases solved. Our FAQ portal allows users to search for their problems and solve it on the spot.


Crystal Clear Solutions

Listening and following instructions over the phone is not an easy task. That’s why it’s our priority sto provide clear solutions by detailing our steps with step-by-step pictures.

Feedback Survey

Users can leave ratings for their solutions. We’ll use the ratings submitted to further improve upon the answer if deemed necessary. In addition, all users can submit a question on their wishlist that they hope will be answered .


Sensitive Keyword Searching

Everything that users have searched will be recorded and stored. The data collected will be used to analyze and improve our searching algorithm.

Stay Up-To-Date

Users will be notified about the latest updates and version releases immediately when they sign into the platform.

All numbers are subject to an annual basis
Features Free Member Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member
Free Searching Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Portal Enquiry 20 Cases 20 Cases Unlimited
Online Remote Access Support 5 Times Unlimited
On-Phone Support Unlimited
GST Audit File Checking Once
Re-issuance of License Once

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