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SageUBS Payroll

The SabeUBS Payroll was an innovation for it’s time. For years, the human resources function has shouldered much of the responsibility for managing people, in a largely segregated operation. Technology advances will change all this, by integrating talent management into the fabric of everyday business. HR IT will thus become a vital component of organizational performance in an increasingly competitive and fast-changing world. As HR heads toward a future characterized by Big Data, integration, mobility, social media, gamification, and cloud computing, the ability for organizations to manage their people will grow more flexible, agile and customized.

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SageUBS Payroll Transaction Features

  • A software to ease the calculation of the staff payroll and payment
  • 3 mode of payment - monthly, daily and hourly
  • Allowances table, user defined overtime, tip point and piece rate computation
  • User defined pay slip format
  • Monthly salary, EPF, Socso & PCB submission via diskette
  • Produces statutory reports such as EPF, Socso and income tax
  • Various management & operation reports
  • Maintain Personnel/Employee Profiles
  • Monitor Employee Work Performance
  • Provide Preventive Measures to Prevent Accidents from occurring
  • Ensure that Employee Obtains the Skills/ Training Required
  • Eliminate Time Consumption in Preparing Certain Standard Documents
  • Auto Calculate Annual Leaves Entitled and Annual Leave Balances
  • Flexible in assigning day entitlement for every type of leave
  • Enable Auto-Deduct Loan Installment in the Employee’s Pay
  • Avoid Shortage or Exceeding of Manpower Requirements
  • Avoid Over Budget for Employee Salaries and Training Expenditures
  • Trace Employee Salary History, Promotion/Demotion, and Department Transfer

SageUBS Payroll Reports

  • Receipts/ Sales Order/ Cash Recording/ Credit Cards/ Cheques/ Foreign Currencies/ Special Discount
  • EPF - Borang A
  • SOCSO - Borang 8A / 2 / 3
  • Income Tax - EA Form / CP8D / CP22A / CP39 / CP159
  • Payslip
  • Payroll summary - Basic Pay / Allowances / Deduction / Overtime / EPF / SOCSO / PCB
  • Personal and Payroll reports
  • Leave taken / given reports
  • Works force / Turn over analysis
  • Cash denomination
  • Net pay by cash / bank
  • Support USB key
  • Employee Personal Details Report
  • Employee Personal Listing
  • Employee Children Listing
  • Employee Education Background Report
  • Employee Employment History Report
  • Employee Salaries Listing
  • Employee Working Experience Report
  • Employee Society Memberships Report
  • Employee Reward/Disciplinary Report
  • Employee Performance Appraisal Report
  • Employee Accident Report
  • Employee Job Changes & Dept. Transfer Report
  • Employee Age Report
  • Employees contributions / net pay can be output to diskette and sent to bank, EPF, Socso and IIRD for accounts to be updated​
  • Employee Resignation Report
  • Employee Length of Service Report
  • Non-Confirmed Employee Report
  • Employee Retirement Report
  • Employee Leave Clearance Report
  • Employee Leave Summary Report
  • Leave Scheme Details Report
  • Employee Approved Leave Details Report
  • External Training Centers Listing
  • Trainer Skills Details Report
  • Training Program Details Report
  • Employee Training Records Listing
  • Employee Retraining Report
  • Employee Training Analysis Report
  • Employee Training Program Evaluation Report
  • Trainer Evaluation Report

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